Cleaning King Worthing

Cleaning King Worthing


Roof Cleaning Service 

Roof cleaning 

Why do I require my roof cleaning?

When it comes to your roof, like any other part of your home, it has a habit of getting very dirty. Moss, lichens & dirt not only creates an eyesore but can cause bigger problems.

In extreme cases where there are large amounts of moss and lichens, after becoming wet they become much heavier, putting extra stress on your roof tiles/slates. This can cause breaks, cracks and leaks, as well as causing blockages in your guttering system – preventing the drainage from your roof to the ground.

All these factors left untreated can cause the rapid decline in the integrity of your homes roof, and cost thousands to repair. Having your roof cleaned not only prevents all these problems – 

How do we clean your roof?

We are fully trained in all types of access and all works are fully insured. After initially assessing all the access & cleaning requirements to complete the job safely, we temporarily block your downspouts to prevent blocking.

Starting at the ridge from our scaffold tower then working our way down to the eaves, using industrial scrapers which dislodge the moss balls ,then we clear up all the moss and dispose off at a certified facility.

Once scraped and brushed removing any loose moss balls we then apply a bio wash which is approved by the HSE for use in the UK  certificate number 9936  and fully compliant with REACH, Registration,Evaluation,Authorisation & Restriction of chemicals ) regulations for cleaning exterior hard surfaces this is brushed on as it clings better to the tiles than spray giving a more even finish this then breaks down yellow lichen and remaining moss rhizoids keeping your roof moss and lichen free for up to three years 

The biocide we use is only available to  registered trade businesses 

*It is the strongest government approved softwash biocide of its type available in the UK 

*Fully Bio degradable 

*Harmless to all known building materials 

* Ph neutral so safe for materials and gentle for people and their pets 

*Controls algae ,lichen ,fungi ,moss and mould 

We do not pressure wash roofs or walk over your roof ..

All work is completed by use of scaffold towers and ladders .