Cleaning King Worthing

Cleaning King Worthing


Soft Washing Service 

What is Soft Washing

Soft washing is a safe and very effective low pressure cleaning and sanitizing method, for both domestic and commercial properties. It uses purpose built low pressure equipment that will effectively clean, and sanitize exterior surfaces with a variety of eco-friendly chemicals.

Each individual surface with distinct contaminants requires a tailored soft washing solution for best results. Our solution is mixed on site for optimal results for the task required. This way we customise our approach to maximise the results whilst also achieving cost effectiveness.

Soft washing will kill the spores and treat unwanted biological growth of fungus, moss, red and green algae, bacteria, lichen, pollen, mould and other forms of growth on the target surface. The chemicals are Eco-friendly and do not “bio accumulate”, meaning they break down rapidly on contact with soil to give it a very low environmental footprint. The work area is rinsed unless a residual biocide is applied and once dry is perfectly safe for children and pets etc.

Our machines work at 40 psi maximum which about the same as a household tap, unlike our pressure washer which is about 4000psi. This means there is no damage to delicate surfaces or pointing. Using a high pressure washer on render or such surfaces can cause tremendous damage opening up the surface to create a further more porous surface for additional colonisation of algae etc and often striping of the surface.  

All the photos on this page are jobs carried out in the Worthing area each one was Soft Washed using industry approved solutions.